The values of the Star Italy Group

When an archer shoots an arrow, they put their life on the line and they themselves become the target.

When an archer shoots an arrow, they put their life on the line and they themselves become the target.

We feel the need to build our working experience on solid foundations. Our Group values are our foundations. A well-established company is an organization that can grow, evolve and prosper, and one that is able to point its branches high into the sky to absorb the sunlight because it is not afraid to fall during a storm. The values we present to you here are guidelines. They reflect the deep-seated beliefs that shape the professional lifestyle we wish to adopt and our objectives as a company. They provide the motivation and sense of belonging to the business we are building. They remind us of who we are and what we want to be. We have met men and women with solid roots along the way: in their work we have seen values that we share. We have decided to support their business and are proud to introduce you to them on this page.

The Values of the STAR Italy Group

To ensure we never lose sight of our values, we decided to sum them up in seven hashtags. After all, what better way is there for a company that has made semantic tags one of the cornerstones of its pursuit of technological innovation? Each hashtag is a gateway to ways of being and courses of action, two ideas encapsulated in the tags that act as reminders.

Customers are our starting and finishing point. Our aim is to always keep in mind that we work to offer the #customer sterling service and the best technology at our disposal.

Our goal is to think ahead to the future while staying firmly rooted in the present.

When #technologies are functional, they open up a wealth of possibilities and allow us to deal with and overcome challenges.

Knowing how to do something and how to be is a prerequisite for action. The more our #skills grow, the closer we get to achieving excellence.

When we venture beyond the confines of the familiar and what we know how to do, we grow and learn. Sometimes, what we need lies #outsidethecomfortzone.

From theory to practice, from words to action.The #results we obtain tell us who we are and what we are capable of achieving.

The value chain is about teamwork. The drive to work together is fueled by the awareness of being part of a #team.

Farstar Sailing Team

Every single technical aspect of the sailing world is a combination of STAR’s hashtags: technical know-how, technology, teamwork, innovation and results are all key traits of successful sailors. Farstar Sailing Team fully embraces this philosophy and we are proud to see the logos of the Star Italy Group feature on the crew’s uniform.
But Farstar has another jewel in its crown, in the person of Pietro D’Ali, team coach and tactician. Pietro is one of the very few sailors in the world to have competed at a high level in top sailing categories, namely the Olympics and America’s Cup (remember him on the Luna Rossa boat?), as well as in oceanic team and solo sailing races.

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Find the cure

We have strong ties with Find the Cure and were delighted to have played a part in the Tamil project. Here is an excerpt from the letter sent to us by the president, Mr. Daniele Sciuto on his return from the mission in India. It reads:

“During Mission VIII, the October-November mission to India, we paid a visit to Coimbatore and Pollachi to see Miss Rani who runs an after-school group for Tamil children, the WEP (Welfare and Education for the poor) program. Rani greeted us with her usual simplicity and enthusiasm. She was very happy to learn about the support your company is offering. She took us on a visit to government schools where children attend after-school groups. We were delighted to see that the program is running smoothly, the children are doing well and school dropout rates are low. Three years later we are now able to recognize them and they recognize us. We met the new teachers in charge of the after-school groups , as the number of children has increased. We always choose unemployed young girls from the local village, this way they help the children and at the same time the project is useful for them. We therefore wish to express our heartfelt thanks to you for the help you have given us and to assure you that the project is going well, so well in fact that we intend to reinforce it by providing further assistance to the neediest children, beyond the after-school groups. To this end, we have included some of these children in an adoption program that aims to provide them with all-round assistance.”

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I bambini delle fate

I Bambini delle Fate is a non-profit organization that funds social projects run by parents’ associations, health care entities and hospitals, for the benefit of children and young people with autism and various disabilities. It does so by involving local businesses through the I Bambini delle Fate Foundation and we pursue the same goal, by getting individuals involved through the non-profit organization I Bambini delle Fate.

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Il Girotondo

A special bond of affection and friendship also ties us to Girotondo. To support this non-profit organization we have funded a project to build a classroom for the rural populations of Yapacaní, in Bolivia. Most of the local rural communities are isolated, they lack drinking water, electricity, public transport and schools and live below the extreme poverty line. Our efforts paid off, the building project is now complete and is a source of great pride.

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