Sport & Sports Equipment

A global partner for the world of sports.

We have operated in this market sector both in Italy and throughout Europe ever since the Torino 2006 Olympic Games, partnering with international sporting events, clubs and sporting associations and companies that produce equipment for the industry.

Solutions and Technologies

For international sporting events, our process is geared towards translating press releases and interpreting post-event press conferences. We use translators and interpretors with proven experience who are able to offer total availability and are coordinated by our project managers, who have matured their experience in sports.

For companies that produce sports equipment, our technologies enable the automation of the translation work flow and the structured organization of the technical information and translation memories. The selection of specialized technical writers and translators and online validation of terminology make it possible to optimize the processes of technical information creation, management and publication while maintaining the highest quality standards in communication with the distribution network and end customers.

Our department specialized in translating corporate and investor relations documents serves sports companies quoted on the stock exchange.

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Sports & Sports Equipment industry customers have used the following STAR services:

Sports & Sports Equipment industry customers have used the following STAR services:

Benefits for Customers


STAR is ranked sixth in the world for language service providers with 50 offices in 33 countries.


A staff of project managers and mother tongue translators and interpreters with proven experience in the Sports industry.


STAR has been a partner of publicly traded sports companies and industry businesses since 2006.


A team of experts in 33 countries is able to maintain quality and timeliness even during peak production periods.


Reduced translation costs through centralized processes and translation memories.


Advanced terminology management and dedicated linguistic consultancy.