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The ideal partner for technical offices

Risk analysis, manual authoring, technical translations, printing, delivery, after sales services and virtual training: STAR is the ideal partner for the technical offices of automated machinery and machine tool manufacturers.

Solutions and Technologies

For technical authoring services, we have staff specialized in the various industrial sectors available. Our start-up processes for projects and our work method enables our writers to have steep learning curves for your product due in part to being present in your facilities.
For technical translation services, we have advanced systems for creating and maintaining centralized translation memories and managing the translation work flow. This, combined with our international network of branch offices, enables us to manage your projects wherever your production plants may be or wherever you export.
We have developed a suite of authoring technologies and translation work flow and document management technologies to integrate our competencies with your know-how into a single efficient process for the authoring, technical translation, multichannel publishing and printing of your technical documents.

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Machinery Tools customers have chosen the following STAR services:

Machinery Tools customers have chosen the following STAR services:

Benefits for Customers


Dedicated Business Units for technical authoring and technical translations with specializations in the various industrial sectors.


Partner of multinational groups in the industry.


A team of experts in 33 countries that is able to maintain quality and timeliness even during peak production periods.


A transparent, monitored process of information creation, management, translation and distribution.


Advanced terminology management and dedicated linguistic consultancy.


Cost reduction through content reuse during the authoring and translation stages.