Luxury Goods

A partner of luxury goods companies since 1984.

Through the international network of the Group, STAR has been operating on an international level for 30 years with companies in the luxury sector, offering support in multilingual product communication and localization of marketing and advertising content.

Solutions and Technologies

The Group’s branch network is extended across 33 countries and enables STAR to select from a pool of project managers, translators, copywriters and revisors that is able to meet the multilingual product communication needs of each customer in the industry. Our editing and online content validity technologies ensure that our customers maintain control over the transcreation content process with just a few clicks.

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Luxury Goods Industry Customers have chosen the following STAR services:

Luxury Goods Industry Customers have chosen the following STAR technologies:

Benefits for Customers


Ranked sixth in the world for language service providers with 50 offices in 33 countries


Dedicated teams of mother tongue Translators specialized in the industry.


Decades-long partner of major industry groups.


Personalized In-Country review processes to improve the quality of multilingual communication for marketing campaigns.

Optimization and Quality

Control of the time schedules and costs through advanced Translation Memory technology and selection of the most suitable style defined together with the customer through focused translation testing.


Data protection according to rigorous procedures.