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A single-source partner for your multilingual technical and commercial communication needs.

STAR is your single-source partner for technical authoring and translation as well as for multilingual marketing and corporate communication. Our services include technical documents for production plants and commercial and technical training for the sales and production network. Our high-quality authoring and language support is provided with just one interface and an integrated documentation cycle.

Solutions and Technologies

Our technologies enable the automation of processes and the structured organization of your technical information and translation memories. The selection of specialized writers and translators for the specific type of document and industry, online validation of terminology and virtual training services make it possible to optimize the processes of technical information creation, management and publication and marketing communication, while greatly reducing costs.

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Food & Beverage Industry Customers have chosen the following STAR services:

Food & Beverage Industry Customers have chosen the following STAR technologies:

Benefits for Customers


Ranked sixth in the world for language service providers with 50 offices in 33 countries


Project managers and mother tongue Translators specialized in the customer’s specific sector.


Cost control through the implementation of advanced Translation Memory technologies.


In-Country review, dedicated glossaries and personalized linguistic consultation in the main markets through the STAR network.


Partner of multinational companies in the industry that operate on the global market.

Your single-source supplier

For technical authoring, technical translation, corporate and marketing communication, investor relations.