Dedicated teams operating directly on the construction sites of large production plants.

For long, complex projects, like the construction of large plants in foreign territories, it is necessary to have planning skills, teams of translators and interpreters, and the ability to operate effectively even in difficult conditions, managing Translation Memories and industry terminologies efficiently. The dedicated STAR teams are coordinated by a team leader, who also serves as the single point of contact for the customer, and are able to handle large volumes while ensuring consistent quality and timeliness.

Solutions and Technologies

We organize teams of translators and interpreters that visit construction sites where they manage long-term projects on different subjects ranging from chemistry, electronics, mechanics, infrastructure and all legal aspects connected to large-scale construction. The international network of project managers, with the support of the language technologies of the STAR Group, ensure rapid recruitment and careful management of the on-site work force, maximizing efficiencies and the quality of translation processes.

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Engineering customers have chosen the following STAR services:

Engineering customers have chosen the following STAR technologies:

Benefits for Customers


STAR is a solid partner of large industrial groups in the industry.


High-profile technical and managerial expertise in the areas of process engineering, technical authoring and translation, and services for after sales and end customers.


An integrated, simplified and monitored process of creation, translation and publication of product information on various platforms.


A global provider for the management of technical information related to after sales.


A team of experts in 33 countries that is able to maintain quality and timeliness even during peak production periods.


Cost reduction through content reuse during the authoring and translation stages and integration of complex processes through a full liner approach.