Corporate Governance

Teamwork, passion, innovation

The governance style of the STAR Group in Italy is inspired by Don Lorenzo Milani’s motto: “I care”. This slogan, coined by the unforgettable teacher at the Barbiana School, translates into, “It means a lot to me, I will give it my best, I am interested”. STAR governance is thus encouraged on a daily basis to work towards the growth of the Group on both the Italian and foreign markets, to develop the competencies of STAR employees, and to satisfy its customers.

Corporate Governance System

Millions of euros of consolidated turnover





Organizational Structure

In the operational management of the STAR Group in Italy, the CEO relies on a management team composed of the CEOs of the various companies within the Group – STAR log, STAR Engineering, STAR Comunicação & Serviçios – and the heads of the Business Units and the main staff functions. The Team includes

  • Bruno Antonini
    Head of Language Services BU
  • Bruno Casa
    Head of Authoring Services BU
  • Massimiliano Cerrato
    Head of Management Control and CEO of STAR log
  • Lorenza Coppa
    Head of Administration and Accounting
  • Filippo Foglia
    CEO of STAR Engineering
  • Michele Malgora
    Head of the After Sales Area in Maranello
  • Luca Robotti
    Head of External Relations
  • Paolo Sarzanini
    Head of ICT and Software Development
  • Gian Lorenzo Venturini
    Head of Human Resources
Board of Directors

In 2015, the STAR Board of Directors decided to transform the company into a shared company. This initiative sealed a five-year cycle during which very consistent growth in turnover corresponded to the creation of specialized companies to respond in a timely manner to market requests.
The shareholders’ meeting also nominated a new Board of Directors.


Lorenzo Mondo

Lorenzo Mondo holds degrees in Engineering and Philosophy. He founded STAR Italy in 2000 with Josef Zibung.


Josef Zibung

Founder and CEO of the STAR Group, Josef Zibung was a pioneer in translation memory and computer assisted translation. He was the inspiration behind and promoter of applied semantics in technical information management. Since 1984, he has guided the Group through some of the most significant phases of market evolution, from globalization to New Economy and the new frontier of Industry 4.0. His natural tendency towards innovation stimulates the entire Group to remain up-to-date and continuously improve the range of services and technologies offered.


Maria Luisa Vada

Maria Luisa Vada worked for 40 years in public administration. She has been side-by-side with her son Lorenzo Mondo from the beginning of his business venture with STAR Italy.


Isabella Mondo

Isabella Mondo holds a degree in Communication Science from the University of Bologna and is an expert in Marketing & Communications for private industry. She currently works at the banking institution Monte dei Paschi di Siena.


Andrea Farina

Andrea Farina is a member of the Rome Bar Association, a principal at the Farina Legal Firm specialized in commercial law and a lecturer in Legislation pertaining to Minors, Academic Legislation and Organization, Civil Rights and Education for Democratic Citizenship at the Salesian University of Rome, where he is a member of the Inter-Faculty Research Committee.


Paolo Rebaudengo

Paolo Rebaudengo entered the Fiat Group in 1973 as Head of Personnel for various companies within the Fiat Group. He then joined the Industrial Relations department of the Group, taking charge of it from 1996 to 2012. He has a deep understanding of industry in Italy as well as a global vision for processes related to restructuring markets, two essential traits that will provide an expert view and energy during this stage of organic growth for STAR.


Tommaso Dealessandri

Tommaso Dealessandri was Deputy Mayor of Turin for 10 years beside Sergio Chiamparino before he took on the role of Councilman during the first two years of Mayor Fassino’s term. He is currently a member of the IREN Administrative Board (IREN is a multi-utility group in the energy sector) and president of other companies within the group. First as union official then as public administrator, he has always been at the forefront of restructuring processes for industry in the Piedmont region, which is why he is known as a solid, reliable point of reference.