Automotive & Transportation

The only full liner provider for product information and after sales

We are a unique point of reference in this sector due to the complete range of services we offer and our continuous development of software technologies. The synergy among the Group’s companies allows us to serve as a full liner provider for product information for after sales. We design and manage a transparent, integrated process for the creation and distribution of technical information needed for the dealership, the technical assistance network and end customers.

Solutions and Technologies

With STAR you will have a single-source supplier that concentrates the necessary competencies into a single hub in order to serve your after sales and product support departments. Our approach is aimed at the complete management of the technical information process and is focused on deliverables for the dealership and end customer.

Automotive & transportation Customers have chosen the following STAR services:

Automotive & Transportation customers have chosen the following STAR technologies:

Benefits for Customers


Long term partnership with the biggest manufacturers in the industry.


High-profile technical and management competencies matured in over 30 years of experience in the industry.


An integrated, simplified and monitored process of creation, translation and diffusion of technical product information over various channels.


A single-source partner in managing technical after sales information for more than 80% of the automotive manufacturers in the world.


A team of experts in 33 countries that is able to maintain quality and timeliness even during peak production periods.


Cost reduction through content reuse during the authoring and translation stages.