Air Conditioning & Home Appliances

The global solution for the life cycle of your products.

Continuous updating of technical information and manuals; multilingual translation and In-Country reviews; complete integration of printing services and logistics to deliver technical documentation to production facilities: this is our idea of what it means to be a global provider for companies in the industry.

Solutions and Technologies

Our processes integrate technical document work flow management into the authoring system. This allows every product manager to have a broad view of the publishing progress, which includes access to an online system for content validity and foreign language translations. A dedicated team of writers and translators, coordinated by a project manager, is assigned to each customer. Your project manager will also guide you in choosing among fulfillment services STAR can provide, like printing, kitting and logistics.

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Air Conditioning & Home Appliance Industry Customers have chosen the following STAR services:

Air Conditioning & Home Appliance Industry Customers have chosen the following STAR technologies:

Benefits for Customers


Ranked sixth in the world for language service providers with 50 offices in 33 countries


A Business Unit dedicated to technical authoring and translation staff specialized in your industry.


Partner of large international industrial groups.


A team of experts in 33 countries that is able to maintain quality and timeliness even during peak production periods.

Optimization and Quality

A transparent, monitored process of information creation, management, translation and distribution; personalized review to ensure uniformity of the content on the market.


Cost reduction through content reuse during the authoring and translation stages and the integration of complex processes.