Aerospace & Defense

STAR: historical partner of the defense industry

STAR’s first order from the defense sector came in 1984. From then on we have continued to develop our technologies in order to integrate the most significant industry regulations. Our GRIPS authoring system has been adopted by major customers in this field. The United States Department of Defense stated, “GRIPS is from 5 to 7 years ahead of every other authoring platform as far as its ability to synchronize complex technical operations with the most up-to-date and precise product information.”

Solutions and Technologies

Every year the STAR Group handles more than five million euros worth of technical authoring and translation projects and logistic support analysis for the aerospace and defense industry, all of which is fully integrated into the work flow management processes. The Group’s authoring teams write, publish and oversee technical information related to military vehicles and devices while ensuring total compliance with international industry standards.

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Aerospace & Defense Customers have chosen the following STAR services:

Aerospace & Defense Customers have chosen the following STAR technologies:

Benefits for Customers


Full compliance with industry regulations.

Competency and Experience

30 years of experience and support from the worldwide network of the STAR branch offices.


A single-source partner for authoring, translation, printing, software development and logistics.


Consolidated authoring competencies and advanced terminology and translation memory management.


Cost reduction through content reuse during the authoring and translation stages.


Partner of large international groups that operate in the defense sector.