STAR Italy

Information continuity, from your ideas to your customers.

Over a period of 15 years, STAR Italy dedicated a significant amount of energy to improving its customer offer, blanketing the entire process of information management for technical and commercial product communication. We offer services that ensure continuity in efficient, high quality processes including authoring, multilingual translations, multimedia publications, printing and distribution.
Today, STAR log, STAR Engineering and STAR Comunicação & Serviços complete the range of our services and our widespread international network with a strong local presence that successfully responds to all of the needs of SMEs, large industrial groups and financial institutions.
Every day, 200 specialists apply the best of their skills and work together with our software technologies to anticipate and implement changes that simplify our customers’ processes and make them more efficient.

High value-added skills in specialized sectors, integrated in one single process.

Technical information is the bridge that joins the desire for technological innovation with the market and customers. STAR’s vision is for technical information to be increasingly integrated into the life cycle of the product where optimized data flow unifies design and engineering, pre-sales and after sales, products and customers. It is broken down into very different stages connected by a common, coherent body of information resources. The management strategy and technologies of STAR make the most of these information resources, transforming them into savings during the technical documentation creation process and into an increase in after sales profit margins.

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We envision an information work flow that allows our customers to develop alongside the Internet of Things and the Internet of Service through virtualization, decentralization combined with solid governance, real-time responsiveness, scalability and a focus on the end customer.


Specialists in engineering, technical authoring and translation, fulfillment services and technical after sales services


The annual rate of STAR Italy’s growth according to the Innovation Capacity Index


Offices in Italy

Think globally, act locally.

An international network present in 40 countries that has a strong, deeply-rooted local presence: this is the industrial development strategy that enables us to serve SMEs, large industrial groups and financial institutions best. STAR is a partner that thinks globally and acts locally with the same commitment to efficiency and customer satisfaction.


The nations throughout the world that host a STAR Group office

The Group's Companies

The STAR Group is present in Italy with three companies. STAR S.p.A. heads the Group with its core business of authoring and language services. STAR Engineering s.r.l. handles activity related to process and product engineering, CGI and VFX, technical training, technical help desk services and customer care. STAR log is the company dedicated to the services of printing, logistics, warehousing, kitting, assembly and digital replacement archiving.

Governance and Values

Recently, STAR Italy became a publicly traded company. The governance structure for the Group’s companies in Italy was remodeled to guarantee visibility, strategic capability and control.