STAR and Sports

STAR and Sports: An Unstoppable Pair

  • 17 Jul 2017

STAR proudly sponsors: Servetto Giusta (AT Bike), Michele Filippi with the ASD Bikers team from Cordoli and Pallacanestro Gardonese.

There is no nobler value than that of competing in sports where athletes put themselves to the test with passion, willingness, energy, strategy and a sense of teamwork and sacrifice with the aim of winning, taking part, and being a member of the greater community of sportspeople.

STAR is proud to sponsor its very own sailing team, Far STAR, and to apply this same spirit to selecting and sponsoring athletes from different disciplines who are the best in amateur sports and have their sights set on competing in Italy’s major sporting events.

As of 2017, STAR S.p.A. and STAR log (the Group company that specializes in fulfillment services) are sponsors of:

Servetto Giusta (AT Bike), a company founded in 2013 as an amateur women’s road bicycle racing team, skillfully combines a passion for bikes with the creation of teams of female cyclists who compete in the most important international events of the World Tour Championship, including the Giro d’Italia Femminile and specific stages of the Tour de France.

The team motto is “to get children in cities pedaling the streets safely”, which is a philosophy STAR proudly embraces.


Michele Filippi from Brescia is with the ASD Bikers team from Cordoli. The Team Calibra racer took part in the WHEELUP MES trophies on his Yamaha R6. With 25 years of experience under his belt, 40-year-old Filippi is one of the leading players of this prominent series of motorcycling events.

“A passion for motorbikes, along with my hunger for racing, drove me towards a professional turning point in my career. This was only possible thanks to those who believe in me and in sports.”

Pallacanestro Gardonese has been one of the most solid and influential sports teams in the whole of Val Trompia since 1962.

Basketball is all about strategy and teamwork. Without a carefully thought out strategy and a close-knit team, there can be no victory.

Winning tactics definitely come down to skillful leadership and the ability to hang on to the best coaches. A team is the result of hard work and steady commitment to nurturing talent and keeping players’ passion alive, two things that the Gardonese team does brilliantly. In addition to Rooster, Pallacanestro Gardonese also has a team of under 13s, two teams of under 14s, one of under 15s, a team of under 16s, one under 18s team and the Promozione Fortitudo Brescia team, a breeding ground for talent with high potential.

This popular sport is highly representative of the spirit with which STAR drives the Company’s growth as it pays particular attention to continuously improving its personnel.

We fully expect this commitment to sports to continue in the years to come, possibly by increasing the number of teams or athletes sponsored by the Company, because we believe in sports and we think it is only right that part of our success should go towards helping young talent become promising Italian and international athletes.