Technical Translations

Competencies, international network and technologies

In addition to an explosion of content to translate, another by-product of globalization has been the decline of the devouring translator who could juggle numerous subjects in various sectors. Today’s technical translation requires extreme specialization and in-depth knowledge of the industry, in conjunction with a translation partner who is able to create integrated work flow and automated translation systems that interface with the increasingly advanced content management systems of companies.

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Globalization and content management: the challenge for LSPs.


With over thirty years of experience in the technical sector and as a worldwide leader in providing language services, STAR offers reliability and ensures access to an expert partner who can aptly respond to the demands for quality, volume and timeliness of technical documents.


STAR guarantees quality support in meeting requirements for both quantity and language pairs in this ever more globalized world through our network of 30 branch offices in 50 countries, ranging from Indonesia to Sweden and Brazil. Our customers export their products to every corner of the world and count on STAR’s in-house certified translators and the extreme care we take in selecting freelance translators for their projects.


Having always been on the cutting edge of technology development for language services, STAR offers advanced work flow systems, progressive computer-assisted translation tools and automated translation solutions. STAR also has highly qualified resources available for software development, planning and consultancy in order to implement innovative solutions for technical documentation.