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Brand Awareness, corporate identity, brand image, and message coherence on numerous communication channels (advertising, brochures, websites, email campaigns, etc.): communication today is increasingly global whether talking about a small export company or a large multinational group. Choosing the right partner for language services often makes the difference for a successful integrated campaign that features well developed, fresh and innovative communication.

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Globalization and content management: the challenge for LSPs.


Let’s face it, in marketing and communications the quality of the translated content is always the most important element. But how is this quality measured, how is it cultivated and maintained over time? Often the extremely qualified translators who have the necessary skills to work in this field have limited availability. It is essential to understand the customer, be in sync with the desired register and style, open a fruitful dialog, take in the indications regarding style and terminology and insert them into the wealth of knowledge shared by the customer and the translation partner. Once the know-how is acquired, it has to be shared with all the team members, making sure it is used so that impeccable results are guaranteed every time.


Assessing a translation is not always an easy or painless task. What happens when an advertising campaign involves 30 branch offices and just as many languages, limited time and high expectations in terms of quality? These types of situations are precisely when an LSP with broad geographic coverage, the ability to manage branch office relationships and experience coordinating revisions (through the use of online revision tools too) makes the difference. STAR project managers have acquired a great deal of experience in this area and are able to carry out the indispensable role of coordinator and consultant for complex marketing and communication projects.


There are times when an adapted claim, the underlying meaning of a message, is not fully understood and a simple translation is not sufficient. This is why STAR offers transcreation and copywriting services on various levels, which can be suited to the needs of the customer.