Corporate Language Management

The Translation Management System of STAR Group

Translating a brochure or a bilingual balance sheet quickly and competently is not the same as localizing a work flow of hundreds of thousands of “information units” generated by an authoring system or by a CMS in forty languages, all while meeting SLA deadlines and providing the customer with progress reports on activity updated in real time. This is where the TMS (Translation Management System) like STAR’s CLM come into play.

  • Centralized Translation Memory
  • Integrated process for quotation approval and cost control
  • Automated file sharing
  • Completely automated translation cycle
  • Organization strategy for translation memories integrated into the work flow
  • Integration with any authoring system
  • Process monitoring
  • Web-based integrated validation (WebCheck)
  • Advanced reporting structures
  • Customized dedicated work flows (by type of document, type of TM, type of revision process, etc.)
  • Dedicated role-specific portals
  • Project Management: eliminates tasks that add little value and increases production capacity
  • Translation: maximizes leverage and provides access to advanced functionalities
  • Integration with Machine Translation.

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Automation, quality, integration and control

Optimization of quality control

  • Standardization, transparency and automated QA diagrams
  • Traceability


Implementations since 2004

Integration with existing systems

  • Integration with any CMS or authoring platform
  • Creation and parallel management of multiple customized work flows
  • Integrated RMS
  • Work flow transparency (WebCheck)


Internal implementations made by STAR Group

Statistics for dynamic production

  • Summaries provided at a predefined rate with custom indicators
  • Regular peaks in production
  • Billing: transparent information for customers


Dedicated developers


  • Consolidation of acquired language resources
  • Quality reuse


Users across the globe