Language Technologies

A suite of software tools to manage the language capital of companies

Since the 1980s, STAR has been on the forefront of developing software tools that are able to increase the value of the language capital belonging to companies operating on the global market. We currently have a suite of fully integrated programs for assisted translation, centralized management of Translation Memories and terminology, and intelligent machine translation, as well as automated work flow, tracking of costs and progress for translation projects.


STAR’s TMS for the automated management of translation workflows. It integrates advanced TM and terminology centralization functions, machine translation, online revision and tracking of costs and project progress. Communicates perfectly with all the main editorial platforms.

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Transit is the most powerful and advanced translation tool on the market. It was created by STAR in the mid 1980s and is continuously being updated. Transit stands out for the performance and breadth of its functions for translation, localization, multimedia content management and machine translation.

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This is STAR’s main terminology tool. It aids in the management of complex terms with images and multimedia elements. Through its morphological analysis functions, this tool improves terminology quality control while accounting for specific characteristics of the various languages.

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This tool is used for online revisions conducted through In-Country Review activity. Translated texts can be reviewed via the Internet, even by revisors that do not use Transit. The tool provides synchronized previews and updates of the TM in real time. The editing functions enable the modification of texts and the insertion of comments while the system traces all of the revisions made.

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The WebTerm portal allows simultaneous access to the TermStar database, for both reading and writing, so that information can be shared and updated in real time. It responds to the complex requirements of terminology management where several people located in different parts of the world need to access the database at the same time.

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STAR Machine Translation

STAR’s R&D team has developed a solution that brings together the stability of the MOSES statistical machine translation engine with the expertise of a leading company in the translation industry. The result is a high performance system that unifies automated translation and advanced functions of fuzzy matching.