Corporate, Legal
and Financial Translations

Confidentiality, complexity, prestige and relevance

Confidentiality, complexity, prestige and relevance: these characteristics of corporate, legal and financial translations have led to the founding of small specialized businesses in various European countries. However, it appears that this tendency has been reversed now and large, international LSPs (STAR is one) are increasingly turning to specialized markets, creating dedicated units that combine competence in highly sensitive areas with the structure, soundness and capacities of a multinational group.

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Globalization and content management: the challenge for LSPs.

Dedicated Team

Some years back, STAR established a team dedicated to corporate, legal and financial translations at its Turin office. The quality of the team and the experience acquired make this hub one of the main players in Italy serving prestigious customers in the banking sector. The team is also able to respond to the corporate communication and legal translation needs of STAR customers in any industry. It guarantees the highest level of confidentiality, Non Disclosure Agreements and the necessary amount of information security that this type of material requires.

Translator Selection

For the main language pairs, STAR collaborates in-house with professionals who have proven language skills and financial know-how for an industry that does not tolerate inaccuracy.


Special attention has been given to the question of speed and timeliness typical of corporate communication, where innovative solutions are provided in terms of availability, coverage outside of standard office hours, customer relations and extremely tight text turnaround.