Meeting the challenge of growing on the international market requires reliability that only a world leader in language services can guarantee. 

For over 15 years, STAR has supported the growth of Italian businesses on the global market through its dedicated business unit, advanced translation management processes and proprietary integrated technologies.

50 project managers are at your disposal in Italy, all specialized in managing complex translation projects, and 700 project managers are based in 50 other offices in 30 countries. These project managers are in direct contact with more than 5,000 translators. Our project managers are competent and undergo continuous training. Through a transparent governance system, they use personalized, automated work flows and operate according to KPIs that have been established together with the customer. To meet all of your requirements, STAR uses CAT tools, instruments that aid in terminology management and translation memory, machine translation and advanced TMS solutions, which are all contained in a proprietary suite of integrated software.

Technical Translations

STAR has been a world leader in language services for more than thirty years. It has the technologies and competencies that make technical translation project management one of our strong points. The stability of the Language Services Business Unit at STAR Italy, combined with the Group’s global network, make our services scalable to the needs of SMEs and large industrial groups.

Corporate, Legal and Financial Translations

Confidentiality, complexity, prestige and relevance: these are the characteristics that define corporate, legal and financial texts. When specialized skills in translating corporate, legal or financial documents meet with the soundness, experience and high levels of service and technology at one of the world’s biggest language services providers, the perfect solution takes root.

Marketing, Advertising and Web Translations

Selling products and services on the global market means designing multilingual and multichannel communication campaigns that are customized and regularly updated. The team of project managers at STAR Italy is your gateway to a global network of specialists in translation, transcreation, foreign language web copy and SEO for your marketing and advertising content.


Using the correct terminology, the right words, is a fundamental requirement for dialog and reciprocal comprehension. This basic trait of language becomes an absolute priority in technical communication, which uses specialized languages. It is believed that an extremely high percentage of translation ‘errors’ are actually caused by a problem of definition or terminology use, which is the reason why all of the main translation quality measurements and assessment standards rate this element as extremely important.
Sector-specific terminology exists – different words are used for a tractor, an electrical system and an MRI scan – as does customer-specific terminology, which can even become its own defined language.
It is essential to respect that terminology, both for comprehension and for the homogeneity of content. To do this, STAR adopts the following solutions:

  • Creation/extraction and continuous maintenance of the terminology in all of the languages
  • Application of the terminology with the software technologies unique to the STAR Group.
  • Checking the correct use of the terms with the customers’ validation tools.

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GILT: Globalization, Internationalization, Localization and Translation. This acronym reminds us how the localization of a product, an app or a software program is a complex process that is carried out in different stages and requires the LSP and the customer to collaborate closely together.
STAR understood this requirement and dealt with it firsthand when it produced its complex software systems and relative documentation that were localized internally in various languages. This process enabled us to identify all of the subtleties and challenges localization projects can present, gaining valuable experience both in procedures and technologies to smoothly handle any localization process.

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The onslaught of multimedia and content accessed on a wide range of devices has increased the demand for translation combined with video, which requires the services of dubbing, subtitles and voice over.
This is one of the fastest growing sectors within the language services industry. To meet these demands, STAR offers services both directly and through a network of highly qualified partners.

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Interpreting Services

Interpreting means translating under extremely stressful conditions. There is no space for revision processes, correction or ‘undoing’. Tackling this enormous responsibility requires turning to a highly efficient professional organization. First, the right interpretor has to be chosen, one who is trained in the languages, the subject matter and the specific demands of the event. It is also essential that this person collaborate in the event preparations and be able to adapt to the specific audience using appropriate technology. STAR offers interpreting services for events, meetings, conferences, negotiations, interviews and presentations.

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