Life Cycle

STAR is a single-source provider for the entire life cycle of technical information.

STAR is a single-source supplier for the entire life cycle of technical information. STAR has developed an integrated system of specialized competencies, services and technologies for the creation, collection, management and communication of technical information. STAR is able to dialog with the various departments involved including design, production, marketing, sales and technical assistance. We transform your information resources into a strategic asset that can consolidate and expand your business on international markets.

The Assessment

Assessment is the initial analysis stage for the creation, management and publishing of technical information. We utilize know-how and technologies to identify areas of improvement. Assessment generates a tailor-made proposal that integrates the requested services into a single solution in order to achieve maximum financial and production results.

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The proposal

The proposal is made up of the combination of services, technologies and competencies most adapted to the type of product, the engineering and production processes, needs of end customers and strategies for positioning on the market. The added value of STAR is evident in the complete integration of services and in the use of cutting edge software technologies.

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The know-how

Over the course of the years, STAR has invested significantly in recruiting, training and developing competencies for the entire life cycle of technical information. Our teams include designers, graphic designers, mechanical and electronic engineers, technical writers and trainers, project managers, terminologists, specialized translators, graphic artists, digital print and logistics specialists.

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Process optimization

We optimize processes through the integration of engineering and the authoring teams. We use technologies aimed at maximum information reuse, automated multichannel publishing and automated translation processes. We adopt CMS and TMS systems that guarantee customers constant control over the progress and costs of the processes.
STAR optimizes the processes of creation, translation, publishing, printing and distribution for technical documentation:

  • Facilitating greater integration between your engineering department and our technical writing teams, through the intensive use of project mathematics to produce technical documentation, reducing editing time;
  • using editing technologies like GRIPS and MindReader (which maximize information reuse during the technical writing process, reduce the volume of contents that need to be written and translated, allow technical information to be published across different channels and media according to your needs, balancing printing and publication costs on electronic devices and the web);
  • using language technologies such as CLM and TRANSIT, which automate routine operations during the translation process, centralize the translation memory and combined with the editorial platform, slash translation costs;
  • personalizing the workflow system (with SDM and MySTAR for example), thus providing the customer with an overview of data in real time, allowing them to track each phase of the project assigned to STAR.

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Printing and fulfilment services

STAR log’s print center has digital and offset technologies available for print on demand processes that require a high level of industrialization. The MySTAR Print portal gets your ERP and MRP systems to communicate with our production processes and offers visualization of the progress during each stage of the just-in-time printing process.
For technical documentation that is distributed on supports like CDs, DVDs and pen drives, STAR log has the industrial technologies for copying and data burning. STAR log combines the services of the print center with a vast warehouse where printed documents, DVDs, CDs and pen drives are stored and distributed at the request of the customer.
When technical documentation is distributed within a kit, STAR log creates, assembles and distributes customer kits.

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Single-source Partner

A single-source partner for complex processes.

Integrated Technologies

The software tools were developed by STAR in over 30 years of collaborating with medium and large industrial groups.

Process transparency

Transparency is guaranteed by management systems and work flow monitoring.

Cost reduction

Cost-saving effects generated by turning to a single supplier that has software technologies and integrated processes available for the different stages of the technical information life cycle.

Continuous innovation

We help customers anticipate changes in processes, creation technologies and technical documentation distribution for products on the global market.

Integrated Know-how

Specialists in authoring, translation, publishing, printing and document logistics all belong to a single company and are connected through processes and integrated software tools.