After Sales Solutions

Investing in after sales is a winning choice.

Investing in after sales is a winning choice. After sales is taking on an increasingly strategic role in a context of reducing profit margins generated by new product sales. A key factor for a successful business is an integrated approach to after sales services based on improving the end customer’s user experience and maximizing the performance of the customer assistance network.

Our approach

Information security, mobile devices, big data, semantic link technology, intelligent content management, customer experience: technical information is a strategic asset. STAR has the necessary know-how to integrate the entire range of services and tools for after sales into a single solution that offers high added value, is scalable and verifiable.

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Your company and after sales:

  • Is your technical information for customer assistance readily available and accessible?
  • Are your dealership technicians sufficiently trained?
  • Are the instructions for the end user complete and understandable?
  • Is the spare parts business important to you?
  • Is your technical product documentation translated into the languages of all the countries where your products are sold?

You could be more competitive and gain strategic advantages with:

  • Committed, single-source coordination of the entire life cycle of the activity related to your after sales service.
  • An advanced information management strategy for structuring the knowledge base of your after sales service.
  • Technologies and efficient processes that cut down on costs and improve the quality of the information.
  • A full liner environment that is distributed across different media and is available to your dealership.
  • Process transparency and traceability and the definition of specific, global KPIs.
  • Constant control of general costs.

Our goals

Unique Content Repository

User-friendly and rapid access to product information that is continuously updated, integrated and available on different devices in every language.

Engineering Data Integration

A direct connection between data planning and technical documentation to bridge the gap between engineering and customer assistance information.

Dealership Feedback Management

A continuous flow of communication among the dealership, the technical documentation specialists and engineering for timely updates of the content and product information.

Customized Work Flow Automation

A transparent, controlled process of creation, management, translation and distribution of technical product information for dealerships.

Intelligent Training

A training plan for your customer assistance network that is suitable for both the classroom and virtual learning. The program is able to accompany the development of your products in real time and maximize intelligent reuse of technical product information.

Troubleshooting Management

Advanced management of troubleshooting and diagnostic documents, integrated with technical information to improve product assistance, reduces the cost of intervention and the workload of technical support staff.

Software and Services

Information management is a strategic resource that can be represented by keywords such as information security, mobile devices, big data, cognitive computing, internet of things, content strategy and customer experience.
GRIPS is the Information Management System created and patented by STAR that supports the entire process of information elaboration, from authoring to publishing.
GRIPS (Global Realtime Information Processing Solution) has enabled leading worldwide companies to develop a technical knowledge base through its cross-language, networked information platform with which they are able to generate intelligent content that is both situation-appropriate and personalized for the different markets and multimedia publishing channels.

By means of dynamic feedback integrated in real time on the various company communication channels, GRIPS historicizes the experience and the information needs of end users, who turn into valuable resources for updating and improving the usability of content.
STAR combines its latest generation technologies with the specific know-how of the mechanical, electronic and electrical engineers, help-desk specialists and technical trainers. This enables STAR to offer a wide range of services in a single solution that covers all of the needs of our customers working in after sales.

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Our know-how exploits the full potential of your after sales:

  • Personalized solutions for your specific needs
  • Technical documentation
  • User and Maintenance Manuals
  • Operator Manuals
  • Repair Manuals
  • Wiring diagrams
  • Product definition
  • Spare parts catalogs
  • Repair Time schedules
  • After market kits
  • Troubleshooting
  • Diagnostic documentation
  • 2D and 3D Technical Illustrations
  • CGI and VFX
  • Technical Translations
  • Technical Help Desk
  • Technical Training
  • 3D Virtual Training
  • Customer Care
  • In-Country Review
  • Multimedia publishing
  • High quality just-in-time digital printing
  • Document logistics and kitting
  • Dedicated software development

The best technologies for a winning information management strategy:


  • Global work flow management for after sales processes
  • Monitoring of activity and KPIs


  • Semantic information management based on XML
  • Authoring support
  • Maximum reuse of information with Dynamic Linking
  • Automated and multimedia publishing
  • Dynamic and integrated management of customer assistance network feedback


  • Work flows for translation processes
  • Centralization and optimization of Translation Memories
  • Online content validation on the markets with WebCheck
  • Centralized management of technical terminology with TermSTAR
  • Optional integration with Machine Translation through STARMT

MySTAR Print

  • Work flows for printing processes


Transparency and monitoring

Greater control and transparency of all product information creation and distribution stages.


Cost optimization with a single supplier that provides technologies and processes aimed at maximizing information reuse.

Information quality

Continuous improvement and updating of technical product information and a high level of end-user usability.

After Sales performance

Global improvements on customer assistance service and timing.

Customer loyalty

Improving your after sales service and making your technical product information readily available and easy to consult are strategic to reinforcing customer loyalty.

Profit and margins

Key factors to supporting increases in profit margins and the turnover of your after sales department include improved performance of after sales service and intuitive accessibility to technical information.

Our portfolio

We have developed after sales solutions for the following companies: