Integrated Documentation

All of the technical product documentation is just a click away.

User manuals, repair manuals, operator manuals, wiring diagrams, spare parts catalogs, repair time schedules, troubleshooting guides. All of this integrated technical documentation is provided on a single device, whether it be a pen drive, the internet, an app, a diagnostic tool, a smartphone or a tablet, that can be navigated and updated remotely.

Integrated and Interactive Documentation

Technical documentation is primarily used by end users and the assistance network and these individuals need to find the correct information in the least amount of time on a search tool they are familiar with. The integration of the technical documentation into a single consultation environment where the user can navigate among the different types of information that are always updated and transversally available for several products and types of documents is the result of the information being structured correctly. The semantic approach of our GRIPS authoring platform allows our technical writers, who are experts in troubleshooting and diagnostics, to write information and interconnect it according to the consultation logic of the end users (e.g., anomaly, cause, solution, procedure, feedback).

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Multimedia Publishing

A single technical information repository that is structured and organized optimizes reuse and usability for the end user. However, this repository would not be complete if it could not be published automatically on different platforms (the internet, PDFs, apps, tablets, etc.) in diverse formats and on multiple devices (diagnostic tools, infotainment, operator interface, etc.). The GRIPS authoring platform allows our customers to implement the best multichannel publication strategies, weighing the printed information against what is available on new media and on their proprietary systems.

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