Authoring Technologies

To guarantee information continuity that stretches across ideas, products and customers, it is essential to have integrated authoring technologies that offer high added value.

To guarantee information continuity that stretches across ideas, products and customers, it is essential to have integrated authoring technologies that offer high added value. Over the years, the STAR Group has developed a complete suite of authoring technologies. GRIPS, 4DQuery, Format Checker, MindReader and SDM cover the entire range of services for the creation and advanced management of technical information for companies that build and export products.


Through semantic classification, GRIPS enables total reuse of information and automated multichannel publishing. GRIPS is content management software that implements a semantic data structure and integrates the functions of authoring, content management, translation and publishing.
GRIPS is based on an innovative semantic Content Management approach where the information is structured and organized according to its type, its relationship with the components of the object or product, its variants and its language. This system makes it possible not only for people to interpret and elaborate the information, but processes and machines as well.
The higher the level of automation and information reuse (including the respective translations), the lower the costs and the faster the processes. All of the technical publications can be generated automatically and prepared for any channel, support or business system.
GRIPS also allows for dealer network feedback mechanisms to be managed easily by constantly updating and improving the technical information heritage.

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Through a web interface, 4DQuery allows you to select research criteria in an interactive and guided manner and to quickly find the information your dealer network needs. 4DQuery exploits the semantic connections between the information and the GRIPS data structure.

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Format Checker

FormatChecker is the magnifying glass that displays typical formatting errors. You can use FormatChecker interactively to correct and assess the quality of delivered documents. During the interactive check, you can make corrections while at the same time learning how to optimize the formatting because FormatChecker highlights the problematic points, describes each error and suggests improvements. The function used for checking completeness analyzes your document and provides an assessment of the formatting quality. This enables you to immediately recognize the potential for optimizing, which may be hidden in the formatting.

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In technical authoring, content is repeated regularly in the same or very similar format. If you do not want to start fresh every time you run across a repetition, you look in previous documents for similar formulations to reuse.
MindReader suggests texts that are extracted from selected reference material for the current project, helping you to choose the best suggestion. You are able to visualize the original context at any time, consult the source of the suggestion and verify the use frequency of a specific expression. MindReader enables you to access a vast memory where you can consult files in all of the current standard and text formats, DTP or Office, utilize the Transit Translation Memory, receive packages with memories from your translation department or language service provider, or use data from other systems..

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This is a document work flow system for the life cycle of technical information. It prepares detailed, customized reports on the main stages of the authoring, translation and printing processes, on their progress, their relative KPIs and the level of service.
MySTAR and MySTAR Print are vertical SDM implementations used to manage translation and print on demand work flow.

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