Authoring Services

Information quality, integration with customer structures, strategic outsourcing of activity, cost containment, time to market.

Our Authoring Services Business Unit has developed an exceptional working method while collaborating with SMEs and large-scale industrial groups in Italy over the last 15 years. This method is nourished by an in-depth knowledge of the activities that are conducted before and after the authoring services take place and by the use of technologies and authoring processes that are suitable for both traditional productions and industry 4.0.

Technical know-how is the most valuable asset that our customers own. It is the key to success for Italian companies on the international market. This is the philosophy that drives STAR’s services. Software technologies and engineering and project management competencies are made available for the success of our customers on the global market.When these technical resources are presented in the form of information, they can build your company’s image and reputation while generating knowledge of your products, efficiency, cost reductions and increased profits. This is the philosophy that drives STAR’s Authoring Services.

Technical Authoring

The technical competencies of our authoring teams, our semantic information management based on single-source information with link technology, a constant dialog with product platforms, 3D modeling and multichannel publishing all join together to form the basis our engineering approach to the creation, management and publishing of technical manuals.

Integrated Documentation

Technologies and authoring processes, combined with the ability to develop software, make STAR technical documents ready for the Internet of Things and industry 4.0. STAR designs and creates integrated and interactive technical documentation for the web, diagnostic tools, smartphones and tablets. These documents offer personalized user experiences for end customers and dealer networks.

Commercial Authoring

The interaction between STAR’s authoring and language services, the VFX and CGI competencies of STAR Engineering, as well as the kitting, assembly, warehousing, logistics and print center services of STAR log, come together to make STAR a single-source partner of competent and reliable product marketing for Italian manufacturing companies that want to compete on the international market.